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Attending the Club/Clubhouse - updated 8 October
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Attending the Club/Clubhouse - updated 8 October


  • NEW: You must wear a mask at all times when in the Clubhouse
  • The Clubhouse will be open daily from 9am to 10pm to allow for evening use of the floodlights
  • When using the door, please stand back if somebody else is coming in the other direction, give them room and please use the hand sanitiser provided immediately on entry into the Clubhouse before proceeding further
  • Access will be available to the Ladies'  and Gents' toilets. The toilet entrance doors are to be left open at all times in order to reduce contact points
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly after use of the toilets and use the hand sanitiser provided on exit
  • No use of the showers is to be made and members must not use the changing areas to change their clothes
  • No access is available to the Kitchen area
  • Please do not enter the Clubhouse unless you have to and do not loiter inside
  • At all times ensure that social distancing is maintained. Ideally only 2 people, and a maximum of 4, should be in the Clubhouse at any one time

Club Balls 

  • A trellis table and ball tray has been set up in the Clubhouse where members can collect and return Club balls for shared use. This has been positioned away from the toilet area to minimise traffic flow as much as possible
  • The ball cupboard has been taken out of action to reduce contact points (door handles/tins/tray handles) and the balls left in the open air
  • Please take care when picking up and putting down the balls after use and use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Our regular stock of 16 cans of balls per week will be put out on a Sunday morning and we ask all members to return balls used back to the ball tray for the benefit of other members. Balls must not be removed for personal use

Pre-attendance health check  and notification of illness

All members are asked to conduct a pre attendance health check and not to attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. This link will take you to the NHS checklist:

In addition, if you have been in attendance at the club and have come down with symptoms then please advise a member of the Committee immediately and follow NHS guidance:

Track and Trace

Now that the Clubhouse is open, we have been advised by the LTA that we need to ensure a Track and Trace process is in place, similar to your name and address being taken if you visit a pub/restaurant. We have decided to do this by using the Club Card entry system, with support from our CCTV recordings. Please use your own card at all times for entry into the Clubhouse. NEW: When the Bar service is open, to ease potential congestion into the club to wash hands, we have decided to open the large slide door. In order to ensure Track and Trace you will instead be asked to provide the names of all people at your table when you order your drinks.

Larger social play/groups

NEW: Only groups of up to 6 are allowed for Social tennis and social groups on the terrace. Different rules apply for organised coaching sessions as set out in our coaching section.

Contact with gate handles on entry/exit to courts and net height adjustment

Please ensure that you sanitise your hands when in contact with the gates.

Our Club team will be checking and adjusting net heights twice per week, so please do not do this yourself. Our coaching team have also been told to re-adjust the net height after use if they need to change it for the duration of a lesson.

Changing facilities

Whilst the revised LTA guidance allows for the use of showers/changing facilities now, we have decided not to allow this due to the increased cleaning requirement and increased risk of such a decision.

Maintain Social Distancing

Members are kindly reminded to maintain Social Distancing when using the Clubhouse and facilities.

Members must continue to observe the Government’s social distancing guidelines and also to note the processes put in place at the Club to wash your hands and sanitise on entry and exit to the Clubhouse, keep numbers in the Clubhouse to a minimum (max of 4 at any one time), follow the processes put in place for use of the Bar Terrace Service and maintain social distancing at all times. 

Members are also reminded that undertaking any activity, including tennis, has the potential for increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 and must be aware of the Government’s guidance before attending the Club.


  • Our cleaning team will be cleaning the Clubhouse daily and hope to do this outside of the opening hours. If for whatever reason that is not possible then the Clubhouse will be closed for the duration of the clean
  • These guidelines will be reviewed frequently by the General Committee and any changes required made as appropriate



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